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PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSMANAGEMENT PROCESS AND BEHAVIOUR ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the different motivation theories and give examples?What is the concept of corporate social responsibility given today’s example?MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat is the concept of National Income?Explain, “Marginal costing is a cost presentation and cost analysis technique. ” What are the limitations and merits of marginal costing?Discuss two functional budgets.

BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat is the role of fiscal policy in dealing with recession as well as in having economic stability at employment level?What are the types of international business? Cite examples. BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the duties and rights of a seller and of a buyer (Sale of Goods Act)?Discuss intellectual property rights.

MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDiscuss the barriers in communication in a company or organisation. What should be done to overcome these?Discuss group discussion and oral presentation.

MBA COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN MANAGERIAL POSITIONS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDiscuss the role of word processing in business. Discuss management information system and its role in today’s business.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the challenges of researchers in the Middle-East & Africa? What is the content of a research report? ExplainHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSTalk about employee selection process and give examples. What are the statutory and non-statutory benefits for employees in an company or organisation you are familiar with?CORPORATE TAXATION ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the effects of corporate taxation in employees? Discuss the provisions present in central sales tax.

Discuss corporate taxation in an organisation you are familiar. What are the challenges faced by businesses in terms of corporate taxation? How can corporate taxation be improved?INDUSTRIAL LABOUR RELATIONS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are industrial relations problems arising in the public sector of (country)? What are the issues faced by small businesses in handling industrial labour relations?What are the current challenges in industrial labour relations?How do today’s businesses handle issues in the industrial labour relations in their organisations?MANAGER COUNSELLING SKILLS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the steps involved in counselling?What are the current techniques used in counselling? Discuss at least three and give examples. What are the challenges faced in today’s counselling for managers?How important is manager counselling skills for employees? Discuss manager counselling skills in an organisation you are familiar with.

What are the roles and applications of counselling in organisations?Highlight the changes in manager counselling skills in the past years.

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat is the use of SWOT in analysing an internal strategic assessment? INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSExplain the international labour strategy in today’s context Management Assignment Help is an online assignment writing service in Australia. We offer best and reliable Management Homework Help at affordable prices..

What is your comment about database management system is a development tool for DSS?MANAGEMENT TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSElaborate the challenges, roles and responsibilities of training managers in (country).

How can current management training be improved?Evaluate training techniques and methods. Talk about management training and development in an organisation you are familiar with.

Give examples of the most effective techniques used in management training and development. SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR MANAGEMENT DECISIONS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSExplain the forms of decision support systems.

Elaborate data acquisition and model acquisition. How support system for management decision does affect outcomes? Explain.

MBA E-COMMERCE ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the key characteristics of an e-commerce business and the different techniques used in finding opportunities?What are the challenges in today’s e-commerce and ways on how to deal with these?How can present e-commerce business adapt their strategies in today’s changing business world?How a brick and mortar store adapt in the demands of today’s e-commerce?Highlight the significance of technology in today’s business environment. SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDiscuss system development life cycle.

Make a data flow diagram involved in a petrol retail branch. PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING ASSIGNMENT TOPICSExplain: balance scorecard and bench-marking. In terms of potential BPR and scope, what are the differences of government and private sector organisations?Discuss the potential risks of re-engineering a process.

What are the factors to consider in re-engineering an existing process?MBA MARKETING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the different stages of a product life cycle as well as strategies to keep for every phase?What is the concept of customer relationship management and define its importance in global business?MBA SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSExamine the uses of entrepreneurship Development Programs in (country)?Do you agree that entrepreneurs are born and not made? Give examples Our experts can handle all your management homework topics. Writing great business management assignments is not an easy job, but due to the experience .

FUNCTIONAL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat is new product development? What is the performance appraisal of employees in a company or business you are familiar with?What is profitability ratio? Give examples.

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Explain the recent practices of banking services in (country). ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIIONS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat is the main goal of advertising in increasing profit and sales? Explain it along with other goals of advertising.

Define sales promotion and the types of consumers and trade schemes. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the recent business trends for export promotion zones in your country?MATERIAL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDiscuss what supply chain management is.

What factors must be considered in design using integrate supply chain information system. What are the techniques used in managing a global supply chain.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDoes a business need a CPM and a PERT? Explain. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDiscuss simulation and its limitations.

SECURITY ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDiscuss the theory: Markowitz Efficient Theory. FINANCIAL SERVICES ASSIGNMENT TOPICSWhat are the different types of mergers? Explain.

WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSHow do the collection policies of a firm affect their investment in terms of receivables?What are the factors influencing the magnitude of a firm’s working capital needs?MBA ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPICSDo you agree that the government has to give more attention on OD motives and not more on private sectors and their competitive future? Discuss. What are the challenges of an OD consultant?Discuss client relationship and ways to resolve issues.

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