Qualification: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)Fees: Check out the cost and financing options for the study program at the following link (Fees and financing)Access: Find out about the different access routes and how to complete the university pre-registration process (Access)Languages: Catalan, Spanish and EnglishMinimum score: 5,000 (17/18)English subtitles available.

Turn them on! The studies are structured into eight periods of four months each including basic subjects (60 ECTS), compulsory subjects (132 ECTS), optional subjects (24 ECTS) and final project (18 ECTS) Manufacturing and mechanical engineers apply their creativity, skills and vision to can include laboratory reports, projects, essays and oral presentations..

All the technical subjects have practices, wether in the subject itself or in laboratories for complete practices. Objectives Enabling the student to project, lead and coordinate activities related to mechanic and mecatronic engineering, promoting the entrepreneur spirit and the adaptation to different work environments. WHY TAKE THIS BACHELOR DEGREE? 1 Specialization programs On the Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, the elective programs enable you to specialize in the following areas:1.

Mechatronics: Integration of electronics technologies in the design of a component or mechanical system2. Mechanical technology: 2 Concurrent Program with Industrial and Automated Electronic Engineering The option of taking the program concurrently with Industrial and Automated Electronic Engineering enables you to obtain two engineering qualifications in just 5 years.

3 Employment Exchange The Employment Exchange helps students to join the professional world This new, interactive presentation introduces 11-14 year olds to engineering, inspiring Developed in collaboration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, ideas for short activities you can do and discussion points to get them and .

This tool enables you to put the knowledge that you have acquired into practice, with either an internship or employment contract. 4 Internships TecnoCampus’s close ties to the business community enable us to give students access to internships to consolidate their knowledge in a real professional environment. Each year, more than 700 students take part in the internship program in over 1,500 partner companies.

International studies and internships Study agreements and internships in different countries around the world. As part of our commitment to internationalization, we have partnership agreements in place with 105 universities in 34 countries to give you the opportunity to experience studying or taking an internship abroad.

Would you like to receive more information about this degree?Request more information Professional opportunities Analysis, design and test of machines, engines and mechanic and mecatronic systems, development of robot systems, project and calculation of structures, industrial constructions and installations and production and organization techniques. Integration in production and service companies, in areas such as service, design, production, automatization and consulting. Summary of acquired competences Capacity to service, automate and design devices and systems through the application of knowledge and technologies of mechanics, electronics, automatics and computer systems.

Capacity of analysis and problem-solving with initiative, critical thinking, transfer of knowledge and skills, teamworking and in an international context, performing business management tasks. Formulari d'informaci graus TecnoCampus Camps obligatoris *