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A cover page is the first section of a well written research paper; it contains the title of the paper, author’s name, address and the date. This is a must have for any paper before submission.

An abstract is essential for long research paper. Although it does not cite any research directly, it should briefly mention what is contained in the next sections of the paper. By reading the abstract, your instructor must be able to tell whether you effectively answered the research question.

The main paper starts off with an eye catching introduction.

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The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be a thesis statement which states the main argument and how it will be achieved.

Next, the paper should have a section which states the limitations of the study Take a look here, the best research papers writing site Custom Research Papers Order custom papers written from scratch by Custom Paper Writing Service. our native English-speaking custom paper writers are the best at what they do..

It should be clear what the paper will and will not achieve. The reasons behind these limits must also be stated.

This section is followed by a methodology section which describes how the paper will achieve what it has set out to. A literature review shows what other authors have written about the topic of your research paper.

This review shows what is known about the subject, and any gaps that should be filled by your research. This section can also clarify how the paper builds on previous research.

Once again, the paper must only refer to credible research. Each of the papers cited must be from a peer-reviewed journal in order to make the arguments valid and reliable.

The main argument is the next section of the paper.

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This section focuses on developing the thesis with clear and concise arguments.

These sources must fit the criteria of credible sources, and must be adequately cited using the required academic format.

Topic sentences are a great way to make sure every paragraph is relevant to the paper’s thesis. It brings all the paper’s main points together and restates the argument. It must contain a restatement of the thesis to remind the reader that you have adequately answered the research question.

The conclusion must leave the reader satisfied, but also allow room for contemplation of the topic. By reading your conclusion, your instructor should be able to see how you have answered the questionA well written research paper must have a reference list.

Here, all the sources that were used within the paper will be listed.

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Other than the reference list, appendices may be necessary Purchase College Research Papers from Our Post-Graduates Pick from our well-educated, native English speaking writers and receive the help of a .

These will include all the tables and graphics referred to throughout the paper.

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